I am so excited about #NoShameParenting. If you have been on Yahoo Parenting today, there are a plethora of articles covering all kinds of parenting decisions and styles. There is something for everyone there.

There have been times I have felt judged as a mom, and times I have judged others. My worst critic is probably myself, but if you ask my husband who his worst critic is… that’s probably me too. When I feel judged by others, my husband reminds me that not everything is about me. I can be quite imaginative when it comes to slights from others. Most people are just going about their day, and really don’t have time to consider you and your child/ren.

When I first feel the brunt of judgement, I try to consider if it’s just in my head. Considering how often I walk around with a scowl on my face, it is easy to imagine that scowl is directed at you. It isn’t. Concentration does that to my face, it crunches up, and my newly formed wrinkles, have given me a harsh look. I guess my youth serum is to become a little more vapid.

When people open their mouths, it becomes harder to imagine they aren’t directing their thoughts towards your woefully pitiful parenting choices. Like when I ran into the store to grab a gallon of milk and didn’t bother to put the baby’s shoes on. “Oh! What a cute baby! Aw, he doesn’t have any shoes!?”

Maybe that was just an innocent comment. Surely, that complete stranger in the store wasn’t meaning to pass judgement on me. My mother on the other hand was certainly passing judgement when she told me the baby looked “undernourished.”

Why? Why would me mother do that to me? Knowing that my child is exceedingly healthy, I still followed him around for weeks after that comment, trying to get him to take one more bite.

So I try to remember to be kind to myself and my husband, as parents. Starting there, it is easier to not judge so harshly when viewing other parents. Comment below about feeling judged or judging others.

2 thoughts on “#NoShameParenting

  1. I judged my twin sister’s parenting a little before I had my baby. I didn’t understand why she would co-sleep. I thought it was dangerous, but now that I have infant that will only sleep when she’s held by mommy I understand.


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