It’s Going to be a Hurricane Party Weekend

At the end of my week, I like to think ahead to what I would like to do with the kids for the weekend. If I fail to plan out my activities, it becomes inevitable that we all go to our own corners to veg out after the stressful week. And sometimes that is just what we need.

But being a native New Englander, I realize we are coming up on some dark days. Leaving for school and work in the dark. Not having too much day left after school. Forget about it for me – I can only look out my office window longingly at the sunlight, I never get to step into it during the week.

But that time is not here yet, so we must make the most of the splendid autumn we have before us. Apple picking, leaf peeping, corn maze running – it’s all on our list. So imagine my disappointment that after work today, I will be preparing my home for Hurricane Joaquin. No outdoor jaunts for us this weekend, we’ll just have rain, wind and more rain.

Of course, this means we must have a Hurricane Party! The idea popped into my head this morning as I watched the weather and I realized I had several activities that I had been wanting to try, and this is the weekend for it.

First of all, you must have a good movie. I chose The Avengers: Age of Ultron which is available starting today on DVD. My oldest son has seen the movie already and even he is looking forward to seeing it.

For snacks, how about some Jell-O worms? Anyone? Well they are super fun for the kids to make. I learned how to pop corn when I worked at a movie theater in high school and college, and since have perfected my buttery, light taste with my homemade popcorn, so it’s time for a challenge. I received this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens with a great recipe for caramel corn. My husband loves caramel, and putting it on popcorn is about the only way I’ll eat caramel, so this should be a yummy treat for all.

With the yucky weather outside, it’s the perfect time to break out the crock pot and get going on those slow cooker recipes I’ve been seeing in my inbox. Maybe Betty Crocker’s Mexican Beef Stew?

But enough about food, we need some activities. One thing we’ve been planning for a while is an epic blanket fort. The baby loves it when I drape blankets over things, and he always tries to crawl under them. My older son and I have been saving up items for the blanket fort that we’ve come across. I started a little pile in the corner of supplies. I have an old beach umbrella we though could be useful. Pillows are tantamount to a good fort, square ones with stiff filling. We went through all the sheets and blankets and picked the best ones. How do you know which are the best? Lightweight are best, since the heavy ones droop too much and need stronger supports.

I also have some wax paper and leaves for making leaf pressings. This was a favorite activity of mine when I was small, and it’s a little too early to have very colorful leaves, but I’ve managed to collect some already this fall, so we may as well do it now. For some better entertainment, I’ve been wanting to try out this list from BuzzFeed on 17 easy magic tricks – I kind of just want to see if I can do most of these. That reminds me, I need to add bananas to the shopping list.

Of course, if things go badly and Joaquin follows Hurricane Bob’s path… we will be abandoning our party, and heading inland. Maybe Springfield, MA and the Basketball Hall of Fame?

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? Mention them in the comments!

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