Couch Cruising

As part of our weekend activities, the family went out this past weekend in search of our next couch.

I bought a love-seat when I purchased my home back in 2011, but the family has grown considerably since then. I got a really great deal on a clearance 3-piece set for $400. I thought I had struck gold. Now, movie night build up my guilt as my husband and I snuggle on the love-seat with the littlest one, and the older children find room on the floor. It bugs me that everyone can’t have a seat. It has to be a really great movie, for the kids to stay sitting on the floor. Most times they get up and saunter off to their room, and we all know why – no one wants to sit on the floor!

It is also uncomfortable when we have guests. After the baby was born last year, my mother and sister dropped by to see him. Of course, I let them sit, and I just ended up standing there, hovering. It was awkward.

So, this will be a great improvement to our living-room, our comfort, and our social life!

In the store, I felt lost. I really do not know much about buying furniture. My first apartment in college, my roommate had furniture, I just brought my bedroom set from my parents house. In the first house I rented, I had the futon from my parents basement as a couch, and a table that my landlord had in storage, that she was nice enough to let me use. We have all been there, in the beginning when you are getting old furniture for free, buying used furniture and filling your space with mismatched pieces.

Now, if it was a car, I’d know exactly what to look for, and even if I didn’t, do you know how many car buying guides are available online. You can get advice from anywhere. Furniture buying advice can be a little less useful. I searched for reclining sectionals and found a guide that explained that you had to ad a few inches to the size of the piece, to account for the reclined position. Thanks, that’s super helpful.

I had asked the salesman to put the name of the couch we were interested in on the back of his card, so I could look it up and do some couch research this week. He just wrote “Menwa” or perhaps that scribble is “Manwa” – either Google search turns up no information. I think he didn’t give me the name of the brand of furniture, but rather the style. This could be in error, not understanding what I was asking, but it could have been on purpose. If I had the brand name, would I learn terrible things about the piece, and learn it is not the couch for us?

It’s so important that we pick the right piece, as I plan on having it for a long time. My older sister lucked out and found a great couch at a discounted price, because someone had custom ordered it and then never picked it up from the store. We all laughed at her and her huge couch, but the laughter has died down over the years, as the couch is now 18 years old and still is going strong.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Didn’t she just post about being in debt?” Yes, I did. We did not buy anything this weekend, as I not only want to do some research, but also, we will be saving up to pay cash.

So look for future posts about furniture shopping and resources to find the right piece for your space.

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